Be prepared.

Make a Safety Plan.

A safety plan is a prioritized list of coping strategies and sources of support. It can help you to identify what leads to your thoughts of suicide, and how to feel better when you are having these thoughts. As a result, you can help yourself to stay safe.


Who should have a Safety Plan?

Anyone can benefit from a Safety Plan.

Can building a Safety Plan be done in collaboration with a mental health professional?

Yes. While this plan can be created on your own, working with a clinician or other mental health professional while building the safety plan can help you feel supported, add resources, and assist you in sticking to the plan.

How does the Safety Plan work?

You create a Safety Plan to use when you're in a crisis. Having it written down and planned out means you don't have to develop a plan when the crisis is happening -- it'll be ready to go when you need it.

Do I have to stick to what I choose now for my Safety Plan?

No, the plan is flexible and you can add and change items as needed.

How do I get back to my Safety Plan after I make it?

When you finish creating your safety plan, you’ll have the option to send it to yourself as a text or email. You’ll also be able to save it directly to your device as a PDF.

Is my data secure and confidential?

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